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Sakoko(Filter Roast)
Sakoko(Filter Roast)

Sakoko(Filter Roast)

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Sakoko, Timor-Leste

Note: Lychees, Watermelon, Cacao

Region: Ermera

Varietals: Catimor, Caturra & Typica 

Process: Natural 

This micro-lot comes from Sakoko, a village in Ermera. A blend of Catimor, Caturra and Typica varieties, the lot is cultivated organically in shaded environments. Hand-picked cherries from neighbouring farms are meticulously processed at Railaco Station, including floatation to remove lower-density fruit, sun drying on raised beds and patios and subsequent steps like milling, density sorting, colour sorting and hand grading before export preparation.Operational since 2008, Railaco Station processes coffee from 100 producers weekly.