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Kochere Shifo(Filter Roast)
Kochere Shifo(Filter Roast)

Kochere Shifo(Filter Roast)

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Kochere Shifo, Ethiopia 

Floral, Tropical fruit,Honey
Region:  Kochere, Shifo Village
Varietal : Kudhume Welisho
Process : Natural

Kochere is one of the districts in the Borena zone 40 km southwest of Yirgacheffe in the states Southern Nations.Local farmers in the Shifo village bring their red cherries harvest to the washing station for processing. The farms themselves are generally small and like many Ethiopian small holders, production in the area is grown (unofficially) organically, the farmers apply compost and manure to their farms and manage the trees with timely pruning without use of costly chemicals and fertilisers.
The Shifo wet mill manager takes great pride in focusing on quality and ensuring that the processing is exceptional, and hand sorted to an exceptionally high standard.