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Decaf De Caña
Decaf De Caña

Decaf De Caña

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Decaf De Caña, Colombia 

Note: Blueberries, Caramel, Dark chocolate, 

Region: Huila

Varietal: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Process: Washed, Ethyl Acetate (E.A.)

Decaf De Caña coffee is custom decaffeinated in Colombia, using a special, natural process that utilizes a solvent of ethyl acetate, which can be derived from fermented sugar.

The process works by soaking green coffee in a solution of E.A., which bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid in the coffee and allows for the removal of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the solvent and steamed at low pressure to remove the E.A. compounds, and the finished product retains its flavor integrity but contains almost no caffeine at all.