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Wuj Kape
Wuj Kape

Wuj Kape

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Wuj Kape, Guatemala 

Note: Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate

Region: Huehuetenango

Varietals: Caturra & Sarchimor

Process: Washed

Huehuetenango is a city located in the highlands of Western Guatemala. It is one of three non-volcanic regions in the country and has high elevation, making it an ideal spot for growing dense beans full of flavour. Clay loam soil, rich in minerals and nutrients, completes this ideal environment for producing exceptional coffees.

The Wuj Kape lot consists of two varieties Caturra and Sarchimor.Vides58, a member of the Guatemalan chapter of the International Women's Coffee Alliance, sources the Wuj Kape lot from 18 small-scale farms owned and operated by female producers.